Stone Smart is a family run business that cover the whole of the UK. We are able to offer all of our customers that personal touch to enhance their experience.

The essence of Stone Smart Granite Repair is to give you peace of mind. We are passionate about stone and will always strive to deliver the highest standard of service throughout your journey with us.

Stone Smart has evolved into a dedicated Granite Repair Service that enables us to focus on the care, repair, rejuvenation and maintenance of your Granite, Marble and Quartz in your home or building. Our skills and expertise are honed to keeping your existing stone looking at it’s very best for years to come.

All manner of projects are undertaken, a small repair to your work surface, a complete overhaul of your stone furniture and more!

Repair and Remedial Services

We are able to tackle a variety of repair issues that may present within your kitchen worktops or home environments. Chips to worktops and stone fireplaces are common, and easily resolved with our expert attention that will mean a significant improvement to the aesthetics of your stone. We are able to repair cracks that may appear in your stone as well as staining, replenishing sealant along with other general wear and tear issues. We also carry out any onsite alterations that may be required whether your stone is old or new.

We are proud to be able to offer the Clean & Gleam Service, exclusive to Stone Smart, a check and fix solution that can be performed on an annual basis and leaves our customers amazed by the results.

Our professional Stonemasons have a vast pool of experience that allows him to bring out the best features of your stone and provide outstanding results.

Why Stone Smart Began

We have a wealth of skills, knowledge, experience and passion for granite and stone that we would like to share. We take pride in our work and feel that the quality, care, attention and precision that we can offer will be evident in all that we undertake.

At Stone Smart we are passionate about our work and refuse to compromise on quality. We feel that we can offer something unique by understanding the materials we work with.

Specialists in Granite Worktop Repair. Save thousands on replacement stone.

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We pride ourselves on our prompt and clean working practices, providing excellent quality and enhancing the natural beauty of your stone and granite worktops and furniture.