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Getting the Best from your Stone


As the UK’s leading remedial and repair service for Granite, Marble and Quartz Surfaces we have a wealth of experience in working within the industry. With a passion for stone we are committed to providing a professional and reliable service that will leave you enjoying the natural beauty of your stone for years to come. We are proud to offer the Clean & Gleam Service, enhancing the longevity of your WorkTops whilst also providing an opportunity for any repair that may be required. Whether your kitchen WorkTops have been in place for one year or ten, we are sure we can make them the star of the show!


  • Chip Repair
  • Silicone Replacement
  • Joint Repair
  • Re-sealed Surfaces
  • Water damage repair
  • Surface Scratches
  • Edge polishing
  • Buffed and shine
Clean & Gleam by Stone Smart

Restoring Pride in your Work Surfaces

Clean & Gleam

Unique to Stone Smart, we’re pleased to be able to offer this fabulous Service. Granite, Marble and Quartz Surfaces are a beautiful addition to your kitchen and bathroom, but time, as well as accidental damage, can affect their beauty. We are here to help! After a Clean & Gleam from Stone Smart your kitchen won’t only look amazing, but will be in tip top condition ready for action, which in turn preserves it’s life in your home helping them to last longer.

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Stone Smart

Contact Us, 07903 598798 to find out more and to book your appointment now. We are confident that we can help restore your Stone Kitchen WorkTops to the fabulous condition they were in the day they were first installed. Visit our Remedial Services to see how we can assist with all of your stone requirements.

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A free care guide is available to all of our customers to help you get the most from your stone. Our stonemason is always happy to discuss any stone issues that you may encounter. Please see our FAQ for any questions you may have or Contact Us direct, 07903 598798.

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