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How do I clean my worktops on a day to day basis?

Please see our care guide for helpful information on daily care and the long term health of your kitchen worktops.

What happens if I chip, scratch or damage my worktops before my Clean & Gleam is due?

Contact Us, we may be able to give you advice of how to manage the problem on a short term basis. If you feel the damage or problem is too great to live with until your annual Clean & Gleam is due we may be able to bring your appointment forward for a nominal fee.

What is covered under a Clean & Gleam Service?

Our Clean & Gleam is intended as a replenishment service whereby a survey will be carried out and any damage repaired accordingly. The most common features we address are:

  • chips
  • scratches
  • stains
  • blown silicon
  • joints
  • edges rebuffed
  • reseal

Limitations do apply, please see our Terms & Conditions.

How long does a Clean & Gleam Service take?

The time spent in each home will vary depending on the size and amount of work that needs completing, as an average guide expect our Stonemason to be with you for approximately 3-5 hours.

Will there be any additional costs on top of my Clean & Gleam purchase price?

The only extra charge we will ever request under our Clean & Gleam service is if you require your visit sooner than the annual plan was originally booked in for.

I have Clean & Gleam but I just want a small repair undertaken before its due.

Just give us a call and we will quote you for your small repair separately, this does not affect your Clean & Gleam service in any way.

I have had my Clean & Gleam service but wasn’t happy with the results.

In this extremely rare instance just phone us and our friendly team will book you in for a consultation to survey and make good any issues you may have, at no cost to you.

I was happy with the service I received and would like to book my next one.

Our representative should have given you the option to book your next service at the time of your Clean & Gleam if for any reason this did not happen just call our friendly team and we can book you in.

Clean & Gleam by Stone Smart

If you have any queries that is not listed above please contact us for a friendly and informal chat.

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