Brand New Granite in Your Home?

Stone Smart Granite Repair

If you’ve just had a new kitchen installed it should look absolutely amazing and be the showcase of your home, after all the kitchen is where the heart is. Sadly, we know that this isn’t always the case these days. After paying out thousands of pounds for your brand new work surface you may be left feeling disillusioned  and untrusting, as there are so many suppliers out there in the industry who just don’t seem to be up to standard. Well, not up to our exacting standards in the least.

In recent years the Granite Industry has boomed, making granite, quartz and marble a much more affordable and accessible option for the home. However, we have also found that this doesn’t always come with a guarantee of quality, and the finishing touches are often lacking after installation.

Of course if you’re not happy with your stone the first point of contact is your supplier, they have an obligation to supply you with the product and service you have requested. We know from experience that this still doesn’t provide the results it should.


Don’t Despair!

If you feel let down by your stone and how it looks in your kitchen Stone Smart can help! We are able to refit your stone without the need of removal to ensure that those finishing touches are to the highest possible standard. Silicone should be neat and colour matched to your stone, up stands should be level, joints should be seamless and kind on the eye, edges should be smooth and tactile and your stone should shine. In fact, when you walk into your kitchen the stone should sing with joy and make you proud of your worktops.

Granite Remedial Services

We are in a privileged position, we are not answerable to any supplier or manufacturer and have the skills along with the knowledge to know how to make stone look it’s best in your home. As a small family run business we are not under the same constraints as the larger companies, we can treat all of our customers like the important individuals they are and meet their needs precisely. We carry out our remedial services within your home and abide by our own strict and exacting standards.

Granite remedial services from stone smart

Finishing Touches

If you feel that the overall presentation of your stone worktops is less than impressive we can help. Send us a few pictures, including your particular areas of concern and we can build a plan to help you fall in love with your stone for a lifetime of enjoyment.

We want your stone to shine, we want your kitchen to be something you are proud of, we know how integral it is to your family home and excel in making stone look it’s very best.

You can contact us on 01527 757007, email or have an informal chat with Andy, our stonemason, direct on 07800 892469.

If you would like to know more about Stone Smart and what we can offer view our website at or call us where we are happy to answer any questions.

Please let us know if you would like a free care sheet with information and advice about how to look after your stone, and keep an eye out for our stone care range that will soon be added to our website. We look forward to hearing from you and your granite.