Remedial Services from Stone Smart are available to trade and individual customers alike. Any issues that may arise with your worktops or stone items can be discussed with our experienced stonemason who can then advise if a repair is possible.

Caring for your Granite, Marble and Quartz

Here at Stone Smart we will always attempt to help with any problem you may encounter with your stone item. Whether it’s due to daily wear and tear, an installation problem, accidental damage or the passage of time we can help restore your stone’s natural beauty.

Due to our undeniable passion for stone we will always try to help with any problems you may encounter.

Whether it’s due to daily wear and tear or a chip in the worktop or surface we can help restore your stone’s natural beauty.

We can work within your home after installation to ensure you have everything you want from your kitchen worktops.

After time your stone surfaces may look tired and unloved, we can also help revive them by giving them an overhaul with our stunning Clean & Gleam Service, leaving them looking their best for years to come. Contact Us for more information on any of our service.

We have recently undertaken some unique stone repair projects and feel privileged to have been able to offer marble statue repair services.

Before and After

We pride ourselves on our professional conduct whilst within your home and will always endeavour to be as clean and tidy as possible.

After Installation for Trade Services

We can do whatever is necessary onsite to satisfy any issues that may arise after a fitting team has left.

We are available at your convenience to resolve any issues that may arise such as:

  • a missing upstand
  • scratches to the surface
  • chips to the edge of the stone
  • any other post fitting problem

Whatever the case may be we can help you resolve all of these time consuming and costly problems.

A call out fee is applicable for all repairs, which will be discussed prior to arrival.

We do request that all customers pay a deposit prior to the commencement of any works.

Contact Us for any Remedial or Repair Issues you may have for your stone.