Granite Repair

Granite, Marble and Quartz Repair and Restoration is a passion that just can’t be denied here at Stone Smart. The variety that Natural and Engineered Stone alike can give us is vast, and we love to be able to keep your stone in tip top condition. We are so pleased and proud to be able to share our new website with you. The pictures you see on our website are from genuine completed works, the kitchen’s are not brand new installations but each piece looks outstanding, because that’s The Stone Smart Way!

Over the last few months we’ve had such a wealth of experiences that have seen us repairing work surfaces and marble statues alike!

We understand the essence of stone, whatever it’s purpose, and take pride in restoring it to the true beauty it was designed to display in your home, workplace or temple.

Damaged WorkTops

Although your stone is tough and durable it can become damaged or tired, our best advise would be Don’t Panic!

If you have a chip in your Granite, Marble or Quartz we can provide a repair service that will leave you struggling to see where the damage was in the first place. Our Stonemason enjoys the challenge of making seamless repairs and will always strive to make any renovation match the stone in every detail, from colour to veining and sparkle too.

We’ve been able to enhance our service by expanding our tool collection that now allows us to repair quartz to the very highest standard possible. Before a burn mark in quartz, usually caused by accidental spillage or splashing of oven cleaner, was impossible to repair. Not so anymore! We have successfully repaired what simply couldn’t be done before, meaning that customers can escape the upheaval and extensive cost of having their work surfaces replaced. As long as the burn hasn’t permeated the quartz too deeply, our stonemason can work his magic and leave your engineered stone looking practically flawless.


We’ve also made some astonishing repairs that would have seemed simply impossible, with cracks becoming virtually invisible. There isn’t a challenge that our Stonemason won’t consider, including reshaping lion’s tails!

Stone Smart Repair

Cracks Before and After

Sink edge Repair

Sink Edge Before and After

Stone Repair & Maintenance at it’s Best!

Our biggest achievement to date is our Clean & Gleam Service. Being able to restore stone to it’s best and happiest condition is a privilege and honour. We are invited into your homes to provide a service, and we undertake the work with the up-most respect and responsibility. Not only will we adopt a clean and professional working manner whilst in your home, we will strive to leave you thrilled with the results. We want you to love your stone as much as we do.

We will soon be adding a gallery of repairs to our website, showcasing the amazing work our Stonemason has undertaken so that you can see the results without question.

Contact Us for any query concerning the health and well being of your stone, we’re always on hand to let you know if a repair is possible. Although our diary is currently booked ahead for a two week period on average, we can try to visit if we are in the area and will always offer advise on short term management if there is a problem. Stone Smart, 01527 757007,, 07800 892469. We pride ourselves on being the best stone repair service in the UK.

Stone Smart Clean & Gleam

The Magic of Clean & Gleam