Hello to you all out there and welcome to Stone Smart.

Stone Smart is a family run business that is evolving and growing each and every day. I stay out of the limelight most of the time, although it may be me you speak to on the telephone. My job is to concentrate on the website, social media and the admin side of things while Andy is the man behind the stone. He does the design, template and installation of granite and stone worktops. Showcasing your stone, whether it be marble, quartz or granite worktops is what we do best.

In his spare time Andy is always busy brainstorming new ideas for handcrafted bespoke pieces, as we stock our online repertoire of unique and beautiful items for the home and garden. We are both a little in awe of stone, he’s a lucky man to be able to work with a material he loves and enjoys. We hope his passion will shine through.

We try to keep our customers, new old and future, in the loop about how we are progressing and new projects in the pipeline. Hopefully you’ll join us in our adventures as we keep you updated on events and news.2013-11-10 19.18.46  2013-11-07 15.55.56

From both of us at Stone Smart Andy and Angela.